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Take advantage of the cost benefit of second-hand volume licences –
or release tied-up capital by selling unused assets.

Relicense is a leading European supplier of legally compliant Microsoft volume licences.

Our name is our calling. We have been relicensing software by means of legally compliant transfers between organisations since 2008. We offer favourably priced licences in line with real requirements. By purchasing unused licences, we help free up capital to be used for other investment purposes.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Draw on the benefits that second-hand software has to offer!

How can Relicense help you optimise your IT budget? Our video provides a two-minute introduction.

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Caution: The Support for Windows 7 & Office 2010 has expired!

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Michael Høegh Vilain, Relicense Director Sales – Nordics, UK & Ireland
Michael Høegh Vilain
Director Sales – Nordics, UK & Ireland

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(Delivery only to companies and public institutions.
Minimum order: €2,000)
  • VULKAN Deutschland/Hackforth Holding GmbH & Co. KG

    »As a successful enterprise with international operations, we need to be able to rely on buying and using second-hand software that meets all legal regulations. With licences from Relicense, this is certainly the case.«

    Uwe Stritzke, Head of Information Technology Technical Infrastructure
    VULKAN Deutschland/Hackforth Holding GmbH & Co. KG

  • RehaZentren Baden-Württemberg gGmbH

    »Organisations in the health sector are under an obligation to act efficiently and economically. The legally compliant second-hand volume licences from Relicense help us to meet this requirement.«

    Leonie Biesinger, Head of IT
    RehaZentren Baden-Württemberg gGmbH

  • Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG

    »We have been relying on Relicense as a qualified source for supplying legally compliant and audit-proof second-hand licences for several years now.«

    Hendrik Willoh, IT System Integration
    Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG

  • F.EE GmbH

    »Not only do the second-hand Microsoft Office licences help us save a lot on money – they also enable us to open up additional revenue potential by reselling them to our customers.«

    Michael Schneeberger, Systemhaus Area Manager
    F.EE GmbH

  • Gerd Bär GmbH

    »Starting with our initial order of second-hand Microsoft Office licences, Relicense has proven to be an absolutely trustworthy and qualified partner capable of providing the required legal certainty.«

    Marco Russo , IT-Infrastructure Manager
    Gerd Bär GmbH

  • Schlatter Industries AG, Schweiz

    »The second-hand Microsoft licences we procured from Relicense helped us save money in our IT budget that we can now directly invest in forward-looking projects.«

    Emanuel Frick, IT Service Department
    Schlatter Industries AG, Schweiz


Save costs with pre-owned software

Second-hand software supplied by Relicense can help you realise intelligent, highly cost-effective licensing scenarios in full legal compliance. This allows for total overall cost savings of 70%, not as an exception but rather as the general rule.

second hand Microsoft volume licences Buy licences

Sell surplus licences

second hand Microsoft volume licenzes

Out-of-use or unused software licences amount to dead capital that can, however, be activated rapidly and easily by selling to Relicense.

A transaction process that is transparent for all concerned – and that naturally involves the software manufacturer directly as well – acts as a safeguard for 100% legal compliance.

Sell licences
Relicense Verified - legally compliant - audit secure

Why Relicense?

Experience tells us that, when buying and selling second hand-software, it is advisable to work with a partner who has a proven record of being knowledgeable, experienced and reliable. You can consider Relicense to be such a partner:

  • We offer expert advice in all product, licensing and legal matters.
  • We strictly observe all legal and manufacturers' requirements.
  • We frequently undergo audits conducted by independent auditing organisations.
  • We notify the manufacturer about each individual licence transfer.
  • Since our inception, we have been relicensing without a single complaint filed by any manufacturer.
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