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More and more organizations are showing interest in the manifold benefits second-hand software licenses can provide. This interest leads to questions on topics such as legal aspects, the transfer process, or ideal licensing models. In our Clever! blog, licensing experts will be providing answers.

Best Practices
7. October 2019 - Katrin Luther

Software Licensing Audits: Better Be Prepared!

Time and again, reports of businesses incurring considerable additional claims resulting from software license audits are circulated. How can you guard against this happening? Well, the best strategy to weather such an audit is to prepare for it by compiling a consistent documentation of all licenses at hand—but not after the letter announcing the audit has actually made its way into the inbox. That would only leave 30 days to act …

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Challenge Data Privacy
Legal Issues
19. September 2019 - Michael Vilain

Pre-owned On-premises Software Has Real Value for Public Institutions As Well, and Here's Why

The benefits of SaaS solutions like Office 365 come with some drawbacks that call its use into question for a number of user groups . One of them are public institutions.

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Security Threat
2. September 2019 - Michael Vilain

Kaspersky Presents New Figures about an Old Issue

Recently, security professionals from Kaspersky Lab have quoted new figures illustrating the full dimension of a hazard given the approaching end of support for Windows 7.

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How to attract the limelight
Best Practices
22. August 2019 - Katrin Luther

From Obscurity to Stardom: What License Managers Can Do to Attract the Limelight

Wisely acting licensing managers can achieve huge savings for their companies - and a deserved place in the limelight

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Tobias Lander, Director Sales - Germany
7. August 2019 - Tobias Lander

Windows 7: Time Is Running Out

Windows 7 ceases to receive any support and updates from Microsoft on 14th January 2020 - Enterprises have to act now!

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Legal Issues
25. July 2019 - Katrin Luther

What you should look out for when buying pre-owned software

The purchase and use of pre-owned software is absolutely legal, if your supplier follows all legal and formal requirements 

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