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Legal Issues
16. January 2020 - Guus Derckx

A True Story: Why It Pays to Always Buy Second Hand Software from a Specialist

BSA The Software Alliance is an internationally operating interest group of software manufacturers. Their membership roster reads like the industry's Who's Who: Virtually all the software industry's top dogs from A for Adobe to M for Microsoft right through to V for Veritas are represented there. One of the association's premier missions is to identify businesses using incorrectly licensed software and to take legal action against them.

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Legal Issues
2. December 2019 - Katrin Luther

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Pre-owned Licenses but Were Afraid to Ask.
Today: Acquisition in good faith

When buying pre-owned software licenses, purchasers might not succeed with invoking a "legal appearance". They need to produce tangible arguments proving without doubt that the purchase complied with all relevant legal standards and they had satisfied their obligation to exercise due care when checking adherence to those standards.

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Security Threat
2. September 2019 - Michael Vilain

Kaspersky Presents New Figures about an Old Issue

Recently, security professionals from Kaspersky Lab have quoted new figures illustrating the full dimension of a hazard given the approaching end of support for Windows 7.

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How to attract the limelight
Best Practices
22. August 2019 - Katrin Luther

From Obscurity to Stardom: What License Managers Can Do to Attract the Limelight

Wisely acting licensing managers can achieve huge savings for their companies - and a deserved place in the limelight

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Tobias Lander, Director Sales - Germany
7. August 2019 - Tobias Lander

Windows 7: Time Is Running Out

Windows 7 ceases to receive any support and updates from Microsoft on 14th January 2020 - Enterprises have to act now!

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