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7. August 2019 – Tobias Lander
Tobias Lander, Director Sales - Germany
Tobias Lander, Director Sales Germany - Relicense AG

A sigh of relief could literally be heard all over he world when Microsoft released their Windows 7 on 22th October 2009. The disaster called Vista was history at last and Windows was able to show that user friendliness, stability, and high performance were not just daydreams of despairing IT admins and users but actually feasible in reality. So in was little wonder that Windows' Version 7 spread across home users' and companies' computers around the world very quickly, soon allowing to forget all about the Vista horror.

Ironically however, Windows 7 could now grow to be a much larger problem for businesses than Vista ever was. The reason for this is that Windows 7, although a real dinosaur with its 10 years of age, can still be found on countless corporate systems—and will unfortunately cease to receive any support and updates from Microsoft on 14th January 2020.

Before expanding on the consequences this can have for productive operations and sensitive data, let me briefly mention the main reason why organizations continue to ride the dinosaur: Superficially, the Windows 7 successors 8 and 10 may seem to be just evolutionally advancements from their predecessor. But beneath the bonnet, things have changed drastically. The leap was much greater down there and resulted in many of the 64 bit applications installed in Businesses ceasing to serve their purpose correctly and also requiring costly and time consuming updates. So Windows 7 stayed put, along with the said applications.

This solution wasn't really up to par all along, but at least reasonably functional. After 14th January 2020 however, it is bound to become a ticking time bomb: After support and both safety and functional updating have been terminated at that date, any arising issues will not only jeopardize the organization's ongoing productivity but also its sensitive data as potential attack vectors are not blocked anymore.

Businesses should act now!

Therefore, it is high time to act even if a time consuming and expensive organization-wide operating system update might not count among the most favoured pastimes of IT departments and those responsible for finance. On the other hand, we at Relicense have an offer to make that can sweeten this task considerably. Our legally compliant second-hand Windows 10 licenses can at least help reduce the cost of this chore to a minimum so given the benefit of future-proofing your systems that is to be gained this can really be called exceptionally good value for money.

By the way: More or less the same also holds for Microsoft Office 2010, which is still used in countless Businesses. Support for that "only" ends on 13th October of next year but the impact on business operations and data security after that date is similarly dire. Organizations can resolve this issue with the help of our economically priced second-hand Office 2016 licenses quickly and reliably as well. And anyone wishing to kill two birds—Windows 7 und Office 2010—with one stone might consider taking advantage of our "Professional Desktop Upgrade" campaign that we will be launching across Europe in August and September. That is where prices will be hotter still!  

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