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2. September 2019 – Michael Vilain
End of Support for Windows 7
End of Support for Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 is a "ticking cyber time bomb".

As we already mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, many organisations are still relying on Windows 7 as a main pillar supporting their business operations. Recently, security professionals from Kaspersky Lab have quoted new figures illustrating the full dimension of this hazard given the approaching end of support (an extension will only be available for extra charges).

According to the online service NetMarketShare, usage of Windows 7 still occupied a share of around 32 per cent across all user groups last July, but a significantly higher one for businesses. For small businesses, Kaspersky Lab quotes a user share of around 38 per cent while mid-sized and large enterprises allegedly only just missed the 50 per cent mark (!). In view of such figures and the impending end of security relevant updates, Kaspersky Lab refers to a "ticking cyber time bomb".

Being quick is worth it

Legally compliant second hand Windows 10 licenses can defuse this time bomb with no risk at all and on exceedingly favourable terms. Some organisations are still relying on version 2010 of Microsoft Office as well, which is obsolete and also designated to lose its support. Our „Professional Desktop Upgrade“, which is presently being promoted across all of Europe, enables those organisations to solve two issues with one solution for a special price.

This offering is limited in time so we would recommend all organisations concerned to act in a timely manner.

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