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11. July 2019 – Michael Vilain
Michael Vilain, Relicense AG
Michael Vilain, Relicense AG

There are many reasons for starting a company blog. Communications between the organization and its customers and prospects have at least a chance of benefiting significantly. Blog posts can be shared through social media and the organization can increase its reach in this way and approach a greater number of interested parties. Companies can position themselves as experts and opinion leaders in their respective fields—and what is more,  Google assigns higher values to dynamic content of this kind than to more or less static website material, which will lead to higher rankings in search results.

All these considerations also played a part in our decision to start our own company blog, of course. The crucial reason for us to take on the quite substantial expense in time and effort that maintaining a blog will entail is a different one, however:

In many companies and executive suites, the manifold advantages of legally compliant second-hand software, which are by no means restricted to the financial aspect, are still not known to an extent that they would deserve.

Relicense tries to bring light into the darkness

This blog is intended to be our contribution to change this. Here, our licensing experts will be serving tips and best practices on a regular basis and we will give users space to share their experience with pre-owned volume licenses. And we will of course be clarifying legal issues and informing about other partial aspects of a market segment, the significance of which will continue to grow in the years to come. As an example, we have developed a highly attractive hybrid licensing model for organizations faced with the decision of whether to provide their employees with Microsoft Office 365 licences and so take the step into the cloud. This model allows tremendous cost savings without compromising the employees' productivity in the slightest way.

We will be reporting about all that at this place and —as might be expected—we will also post information about special offers or promotions from time to time. These will remain exceptions, however, for we understand our blog to be not a sales instrument but an information offering, which we hope will be accepted as such by you, our valued customers and prospects.

So let's get going!

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